Product Description

HackFinder is a software product designed to detect "hacked" cable modems on a network.

The Problem:
Cable modems are very easy to "hack", see Too Easy...
In other words, more and more highspeed cable customers are modifying their cable modems to either receive free internet, or "uncap" the speed in the package they are paying for.
This creates a HUGE problem for operators around the world causing millions of dollars in losses.

The Solution:

HackFinder uses a series of rigorous tests against the modems living in its domain, and determines whether the cable modem's firmware has been tampered with.
Hackfinder uses an inteligent algorithm to automatically crawl your network and reveal those customers "looking for a free lunch".

HackFinder is used by MSOs, Cable Operators, ISPs and NOC operators.

How It Works

Network Diagram with HackFinder implemented:

How it Works Network Diagram
  • Modem bandwidth overage detection - upload, download, current and peak usage
  • Modem firmware validation
  • CMTS to DHCP database comparison and verification
  • SNMP modem test
  • Invisible modem discovery
  • Automatically deletes and blocks hacked modems
  • Email notifications
  • Scheduling via cron
  • Remote retrieval of DHCP configuration
  • Remote retrieval of CMTS configuration and statistics
  • Can be installed on any GNU Linux system, MS Windows, or integrated into any existing Virtual Environment
  • Support Motorola and Cisco CMTS
  • Supports BIND, dhcpd, and MS DHCP

Too Easy...

A simple search on Google or YouTube will reveal the simplicity in hacking cable modems.
Take a look for yourself...

Sit back and watch...

And more keywords to search for...
	how to hack cable modem
	uncap cable modem
	how to hack motorola surfboard
	how to free internet cable modem

Latest Release

HackFinder v1.2_20090613

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